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Saturday 27 August 2022

Mini Muni 6.45 – 7.30

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The Liam Ward Band bring you modern rhythm and blues like you've never heard before!

Get your mojo working with the epic harp-driven sounds of vintage American dance music: rocking blues, west coast swing and funky, soulful roots music.


Liam Ward is a winner of the National Harmonica League Player of the Year and has been described by Harmonica World as "endlessly inventive". His harmonica style is a blistering blend of traditional and unconventional, producing a modern sound that is truly his own. With one foot firmly in the past, the band also have innovation at the heart of everything they play and are well-known for originals that push blues boundaries, bringing you some of the freshest rhythm & blues on offer.

Debut album Uprising has garnered acclaim with both the public and critics and is already being hailed as a new direction for the genre. The album, in conjunction with their live work, exhibits the band's dedication to keeping the blues alive and well in the twenty-first century.

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